HighRes Biosolutions to implement novel automated system for Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Biomarker Analytical Resource Center

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Biomarker Analytical Resource Center (BARC) has selected HighRes Biosolutions to automate their clinical sample testing. The BARC conducts a diverse array of immunoassay detection methodologies such as RIA, ELISA and LC/MS. The implementation of a HighRes NanoCell robotic platform will allow the group to rapidly perform these assays, and easily implement novel protocols as needed. These high performance capabilities will allow scientific staff to focus on protocol development reducing future costs to investigators.

The HighRes NanoCell system will be able to take single plasma samples and simultaneously run a panel of assays, since the flexible design allows for parallel use of multiple endpoint readers. The BARC will be able to increase the number of samples processed either in parallel assays or in dedicated single-assay-ultra-high-throughput modes. In addition, each sample is treated identically, independent of sample number, the specific staff technician running the system or when the samples are run. This dramatically increases the reproducibility of assays, while reducing sample re-runs and handling errors.

Dr. Daniel T. Stein, Scientific Director of the Einstein Institute for Clinical and Translational Research BARC laboratory noted that the installation of HighRes’ NanoCell provides multiple advantages. “We are currently facing a throughput bottleneck and our new HighRes system will shorten turnaround times from weeks to days and reduce cost per data point, all while increasing assay throughput from three to ten-fold with the same number of personnel. Not only that, but the modular design of the NanoCell system will allow us to grow flexibly and with minimal disruption as new assay technologies are needed to support our research and Montefiore Medical Center’s clinical chemistry clientele.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased to work with a core facility like BARC” comments Dr. Chris Pacheco, Director of Life Science Technologies at HighRes. “Our automated systems are ideal for these applications. The reproducibility of our NanoCell robotic systems enables consistent results independent of individual technicians or when samples are run.” Dr. Pacheco added, “We are pleased that the Einstein BARC will be able to extend their services to more investigators in the New York Area due to the new high-throughput capabilities of BARC.”

About HighRes Biosolutions

HighRes Biosolutions, Inc. is the leader in the design and construction of innovative robotic systems and laboratory devices used by pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research laboratories. HighRes accelerates drug discovery, high throughput genotyping, siRNA screening, next-generation sequencing sample prep, biorepository science and molecular diagnostics with highly flexible, expandable and modular integrated systems, bench-top devices and consumables that are easily configured (and reconfigured) to create research environments conducive to achieving breakthrough results.

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