The Burnham Institute selects HighRes Biosolutions’ MicroCell for high-throughput screening automation

Woburn, MA August 20, 2007 – High Resolution Engineering has just signed a major contract to supply the Burnham Institute for Medical Research (Burnham) with specialized equipment for storing and screening large biological libraries. To be installed at the Institute’s Lake Nona, Orlando campus, the new three-pod system, the largest of its kind in the industry will fortify Burnham’s bi-coastal research and drug discovery efforts, which include research on cancer, neurological diseases, aging, diabetes, and obesity, as well as other diseases.

Burnham is one of the nation’s 10 collaborating centers of excellence funded under a special initiative created by the National Institutes of Health, which together comprise the largest public-sector drug discovery effort in history. High Resolution Engineering’s innovative automation technology will extend capabilities available to Burnham and the collaborating network advancing this historical effort. The system is expected to be rolled out the first quarter of 2009.

“The key to our being selected is our vision of providing the most innovative and flexible automated systems available for the life science market” explained Michael Nichols, VP of Engineering. “High Resolution Engineering’s patented MicroDock™ technology allows scientists to reconfigure their automated systems literally in seconds. Paired with Cellario™, our flexible software package, our High Resolution Engineering systems have changed the way scientists perform their experiments. Traditional automated systems have been monolithic and not easily adaptable to change.

Our customers need to adapt to changes in their processes and biology on a regular basis, and High Resolution Engineering allows them to do that easily, quickly, and cost-effectively.” High Resolution Engineering is a leading provider of innovative laboratory automation, systems, and instruments to the biotech and pharmaceutical community. For further information, contact High Resolution Engineering at

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