June 13, 2016

BEVERLY, MA –Senior management representatives from HighRes Biosolutions, a leading provider of laboratory automation products, celebrated the ground breaking of the company' s new state of the art 80,000 sq. ft. headquarters facility. HighRes has chosen to relocate its entire product development, manufacturing, and US sales operations to the new Beverly, Massachusetts site, located at 102 Cherry Hill Park, from the company's current offices in Woburn, Mass. The new HighRes offices will be constructed by the Beverly based Connolly Brothers Inc. and represents a more than doubling in size of HighRes' operations.

May 6, 2016

Woburn- HighRes Biosolutions and Titian Software have worked closely to enable linkage of Titian's market leading Mosaic™ sample management software with HighRes' Cellario™ automation system control software. This close collaboration has resulted in the integration of Mosaic's powerful inventory control and sample tracking with the potent laboratory automation capabilities of Cellario.

This collaborative effort closes a gap in compound management information flow by facilitating direct communication between Titian's widely used Mosaic sample management system and Cellario's dynamic scheduling software. The net result is to provide users with a seamless and much more efficient workflow. Titian's new Cellario Fulfillment Module (CFM) interfaces with HighRes' Cellario Order Broker™ (COB) to simplify the entire process of sample preparation, including labware placement, consumables loading, and liquid handling.

April 1, 2016

The Pivot Park Screening Screening Centre in Oss, the Netherlands and HighRes Biosoloutions have worked together to design and deploy a leading edge combination High Throughput Screening and Compound Management automation system. This system takes advantage of many of the unique instrumentation and automation integration capabilities of HighRes to give Pivot Park industry leading, unique capabilities in screening assay technology. Watch the videos below to learn more about the capabilities of the system and how it was designed and implemented.

Click here for a video focusing on Pivot Park

Click here for a video detailing the Project

Click here for a video focusing on HighRes

November 20, 2015

Woburn- HighRes Biosolutions has entered into a three year agreement with AstraZeneca for the development and deployment of several new modular automated screening systems. These ground breaking systems leverage next generation robotics technology originally developed for the European Space Agency, and bring it to screening and compound management operations. Light weight, yet powerful, the core robotics at the heart of these systems can operate without the need for protective shielding and the extensive safety measures currently required for traditional laboratory automation systems.

July 20, 2015

Label-free, MALDI-based HTS ‘in a heartbeat’ at 1 second assay time (~50,000 assays per day) with 100x less solvent cost, and faster assay development, represents a paradigm change in mass spectrometry-based HTS.

June 22, 2015

WOBURN, Mass--HighRes Biosolutions (“HighRes”), a leading manufacturer of laboratory automation systems and devices, announced today the sale of a majority interest in the company to Axel Johnson, Inc., a private company owned by the Johnson family of Stockholm, Sweden.

“We are truly excited about the opportunity to partner with a great organization like Axel Johnson”

The partnership between the two companies is intended to add financial strength and resources to HighRes in support of its strong growth trajectory, led by founder Louis Guarracina and the existing management team.

July 22, 2014

HighRes Biosolutions, the leading global provider of automated robotic systems to the Life Sciences industry, announced today that they have been selected by the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA) to provide multiple automated robotic platforms to support the UK National Phenotypic Screening Centre’s (UK-NPSC) research activities.

January 10, 2013

Pivot Park Screening Centre (Oss, Netherlands) has recently taken delivery of a flexible laboratory automation system from HighRes Biosolutions, forming the core of its newly implemented ultra-high-throughput screening (uHTS) facility. Pivot Park Screening Centre will use the uHTS system to perform biochemical and cell-based screening assays to support research programs across public and private partnerships.

January 8, 2013

HighRes Biosolutions announced today that it will release two new products at the upcoming Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening show in Orlando in January:  SampleVault, a modular automated sample store; and MicroSpin, an automated microplate centrifuge.

January 4, 2013

HighRes Biosolutions announced today that 2012 marked the greatest overall level of growth in the history of the company with respect to bookings, customer base, headcount, and facilities size.  New bookings increased over 70% over 2011.  In addition, customer base increased by over 40% compared with the previous year, and headcount increased by over 30%.  Facilities also expanded by 70% in the US and 150% in the UK.