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Cellario™ has an open and robust API architecture that allows for rapid and seamless integration in every use case including, but not limited to, Order Management, Inventory Management, Data Management, Data Analysis and Lab Assistants. See how some of our Integration Partners leveraged the power of Cellario™ to provide robust and complete automation solutions to accelerate our clients’ science:


As we increased our footprint within sample management labs, we identified the need for scientists to seamlessly connect both the input of their sample management work with their robotic data factories as well as the output from their data factories with their LIMS.  We partnered with Titian to create a solution that automatically fulfills sample management orders.  The integration seamlessly pushes the orders over and simplifies the user preparation experience ensuring error free production with no user intervention. Users can get back to the important details of their work and not worry about their sample management. 


Life Science labs today utilize diverse instrumentation and point-to-point integrations, which lead to data silos and difficult compliance adherenceThe Tetra Scientific Data Cloud™ treats experimental data as your core asset, delivering advanced data-centric capabilities to automate the full lifecycle of scientific data. TetraScience utilized the Cellario™ Platform Data Event API to automatically capture data from both Real-Time Data Event Stream and the Post-Run Data Packager. The TetraHighRes connector parses native Cellario™ Data Events and the consolidated Data Package, which includes relevant system and instrument logs, user-generated data events during the run, the entire audit trail, etc. This enables a fully contextualized data set to be generated and captured with minimal user effort. 


Scientists want to expand the ways they can interact with their science, labs, instruments and automation, whether for assistance in experiment setup when your hands are full or not in front of a computer. LabVoice seamlessly integrates with your existing lab infrastructure (instrument, software, databases) to enhance bench-level data capture, SOP & method compliance, and safety protocols.  HighRes and LabVoice have deployed solutions for clients simplifying their interactions with their lab automation and equipment.  See how one of our clients at Monte Rosa is using LabVoice on their HighRes system


Laboratory instruments, processes and automation are inherently complex. The researcher’s experience with these activities does not need to be. Artificial’s Suite leverages a Digital Twin that provides an accurate and real-time 3D model of the lab and its assets to ensure the setup and execution of automated systems is error free and does not require extensive training.  Artificial utilizes almost all of Cellario™ software’s APIs and will greatly benefit from the new functionality introduced in Cellario.  


There is a growing need amongst research and discovery scientist to directly couple data analysis to the data production systems (i.e. data factories) and instruments to provide error-free, real-time assay and operational data analysis. To meet this demand, HighRes and Genedata partnered offer an integration allowing you to directly import HighRes-generated data into Genedata ScreenerThe integration ensures that data from HighRes data factories can easily be accessed in Genedata Screener with no user interaction required to ensure error free and real-time data flows where you need it. 


Dotmatics and HighRes saw a growing need in the market to connect experiment planning from the Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) into the execution of experiments from Cellario and back into data capture and analysis. Dotmatics implemented lab capability browsing and selection directly in their ELN using Cellario Services. The ELN will expose all available protocols and provide the necessary input parameters for each experiment.  The ELN then submits a Request into the Cellario Platform where a lab manager can review, assign and execute the work with the request details automatically driving the process. The data is automatically captured and sent back to Dotmatics to close the loop using the Cellario Data Event Stream. 

Integration Partner Testimonials

“Mosaic sample management software tracks sample transition through your research processes, all the way from sample registration to initial sample receipt to assay plate creation. The combination of Mosaic with HighRes’ automated robotic platforms allows operators to fulfil many order types on a single system. With CFM, the operator is guided to provide essential process parameters to HighRes’ Cellario Order Broker without worrying about automation control logic. And, of course, our trusted audit trail makes our inventory management system second to none.”

– Edmund Wilson,
CEO and Founder of Titian Software

“Cellario enables TetraScience’s support of high-throughput experimentation and downstream data analytics through improved developer documentation, API standardization, and rich metadata extraction. We’re a winning collaboration for scientists!”

– Mike Tarselli
Ph D. TetraScience CSO

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