Modular automation made possible

MicroDock & MicroCart

MicroDock & MicroCart

We believe lab automation should evolve as your science changes, as technology changes or as your organization changes. The MicroDock and MicroCart provide scientists with the foundation to future proof your automation. Whether you are a research lab wanting to integrate multiple detectors on their system, a sample management core facility requiring 98% up time, or an ag-bio production facility wanting to move samples between robotic platform with no human handling, the MicroDock and MicroCart are the answers to your needs.


Your lab devices are major investments. Why not make full use of them? MicroCarts connect your lab devices on one system one day, and then move them to another system the next. The MicroCart is more than just a laboratory instrument cart, it integrates lab devices and turns them into mobile lab devices.


Use devices offline for manual assay development and validation, then dock them back onto the system and use the same devices for the real assay run. All this and more is possible with the modularity you can only get with HighRes’ patented MicroDocks and MicroCarts.


Move hundreds of sample plates from an automated plate freezer to your automated system in just a few seconds. Deploy copies of entire libraries, or distribute subsets of libraries on demand. Move the output of one lab automation system to the input of a completely separate system, with little effort on your part. You can link different parts of your process effortlessly with MicroDocks.

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