Mobile, process oriented, modular lab automation

CoLAB Flex

CoLAB Flex™

CoLAB Flex Benefits​

  • The first truly collaborative, mobile robotic system
  • A vertically integrated, high device density lab automation platform
  • Easily scalable to evolve as your science, as technology and as your organization changes
  • Powered by Cellario, the most powerful, scalable and comprehensive dynamic scheduling software
  • Status beacon for quick visual indication of system health
  • Safe and easy for scientists to interact with the system
CoLAB Flex

Space saving, vertical integration

Are you looking to save lab space? Will a small footprint lab automation system benefit you and your colleagues? Accommodating up to 4 tiers of devices, with device slides and turntables for easy user access, CoLAB Flex allows you to get the maximum functionality for your assays by using the minimal amount of valuable lab space.

Mobile and future proof

Sometimes you have equipment that you can’t move easily that is required for an assay. CoLAB Flex allows you to move your automation to where it is most needed and rapidly adapt as your scientific needs evolve. This unique mobile design removes the requirement for you to take the time and resources to reconfigure a static automation system.

The ultimate in flexible lab automation,
CoLAB Flex can be configured as:

High Throughput Screening with CoLAB Flex System

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