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Store a lot of labware in a small footprint. 220 microtiter plates or 44 standard tip boxes worth of labware storage just over 2 feet of lab space.


NanoServe can deliver labware in just seconds because it’s designed to wait for the robot, not the other way around.


NanoServe’s interface is an easy-to-use graphical web page. Just point and click on your labware positions and you’re good to go. Navigate from set up, to teaching, to an operation with ease. Network your device with Ethernet, the modern way to communicate.

Additional Features

  • Load 220 standard microplates in an incredibly small footprint.
  • Easy to load and remove stackers.
  • Compatible with MicroCart™ and MicroDock™.
  • Convenient Ethernet communications.


Dimensions (H x W x L) 914 x 635 x 533 mm
36 x 25 x 21 in
Weight (empty) 46 kg
101 lbs
Capacity 4 hotels
320 1536-well plates
220 96/384-well plates
44 deep-well/tip boxes
Power 100-240VAC
Communications Ethernet

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