Unrivaled lab automation solutions

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Personalized attention to system design, service and support, to give you world class automation capabilities

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Driven by your science

We take an approach to automation that is rooted in deep exploration of the your needs, tailoring the solution to your overall goals and scientific requirements.

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Everything we do is rooted in four core principles

  • Modularity

    Reconfigure your systems to make your automation flex as science changes.

  • Collaboration

    Reach in and work together with your robot while the system is running.

  • Efficiency

    Maximize the productive output of your system.

  • Mobility

    Take your science with you by easily moving your lab.

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Range of system sizes

Spanning the continuum of systems sizes

Our range is unsurpassed. From small and self-contained to large and complex, we tailor each system to your scientific needs using the same best-in class building blocks. Globally, we have designed and delivered more high-end systems than anyone else.

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Essential pieces of your automation system

From carousels to centrifuges, we offer a number of components to use with a laboratory automation system to perform a variety of operations.

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They don't stop for breaks. They don't take a call. Robots are relentless

  • Increased Uptime

    Since robots do not stop for breaks, or to take a call, you can get more experiments done per hour.

  • Parallel Processing

    Our automation software can keep track of multiple parallel activities, increasing throughput.

  • Extended Work Hours

    Automation allows work to happen when scientists are not present, extending usable work hours.

  • Data Capture

    A robotic system is able to log all parameters, and results, with no human error.

  • Sample Uniformity

    Elimination of human variability ensures experiment conditions are maintained.

  • Batch and Queue

    Stage experiments in automated queues to allow no downtime between experiments.

  • Waste Elimination

    Compact footprints and optimized movement paths eliminate common sources of system waste.

  • System Linkages

    Connect your LIMS system directly to your automation platform for seamless information flow.

A HighRes Bio system

Flexibility, modularity and interaction are at the heart of the our philosophy on laboratory automation


We build flexibility and future-proofing into our systems through advanced docking technologies designed to let your automation flex with your changing science.

Modular lab system being arranged in different configurations


Change your system configuration in minutes by docking and undocking.


Use carts and devices either on a fully integrated system or as a standalone cart.


Bring your automation to your central sample storage and back with no setup time


Easily undock individual elements for service without losing your entire system


Our automation systems are crafted to enable as much human-robot collaboration as possible, maximizing scientific output.

Robot arm collaborating with scientist


Eliminate guarding to reduce the overall footprint of your system.


Build workflows in which humans and robots coexist.


Reach into the system at any time to observe, or alter its work.


Grab the robot, put it into teach mode, and hand guide it to a new position.


From highly efficient device placement to compact footprints to optimized robot pathing, we match systems to scientific workflows to maximize productivity and space.

Efficient cart system


Storage plus unattended run ability extend the productive hours of the day for your science.


Cellario + robots are able to handle more concurrent activities than any person, by far.


From scheduling to layout to robot pathing, each element maximizes output.


Link automation software to LIMS systems to unify the ordering and capture of experiment results.


We create mobile system elements that can both be managed remotely through your smartphone or tablet, and can be moved from lab to lab for increased asset utilization.

HighRes modular system being put together


Move carts from lab to lab as needed to increase overall asset utilization and productivity.


Run individual assays and workflows on a standalone cart, or as part of a large system.


Use Cellario connect to remotely monitor experiments, freeing up scientists for other work.


Move an entire process, not just a single device, without additional changeover time.

We’ll design the exact system that best suits your scientific needs

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Flexibility, modularity and interaction

Highly efficient and exceptionally capable of responding as your automation needs change, our systems are designed to give you not only world class automation capabilities, but they are also backed by the personalized attention to system design, service and support that are the hallmarks of our business.

Different HighRes systems

Available in a range of system sizes

From self contained systems…

Mobile, compact, flexible systems designed to accomplish specific scientific objectives in a minimal footprint.

…to the most complex in the world.

High throughput configurations for the most demanding biological research applications.

Multiple HighRes systems

Flexibility, modularity and interaction are at the heart of the our philosophy on laboratory automation

Collaborative Robots

Take your robot out of the cage! HighRes’ collaborative robot offering allows users to interact with their robotic systems again.

Modular Automation

Remember legos? Our technology gives you the ability to reconfigure your systems as your work evolves or link your systems to improve workflow processes.

Ancillary Devices

Use these devices on either a HighRes system or on your current platform. We make it easy for you to integrate and use.