Spectrum of Systems

Flexibility, modularity and interaction are at the
heart of our philosophy on laboratory automation

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Adapt: Change your system configuration in minutes by docking and undocking.

Share: Use carts and devices either on a fully integrated system or as a standalone cart.

Retrieve: Bring your automation to your central sample storage and back with no setup time

Service: Easily undock individual elements for service without losing your entire system

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Reposition: Move carts from lab to lab as needed to increase overall asset utilization and productivity.

Flex: Run individual assays and workflows on a standalone cart, or as part of a large system.

Monitor: Use Cellario Connect to remotely monitor experiments, freeing up scientists for other work.

Unify: Move an entire process, not just a single device, without additional changeover time.

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  • Guarantee our clients’ success by forging strong partnerships
  • Tailored to you through extensive consultation with highly technical staff
  • Develop overall hardware and software solution that is built to last and can evolve over multiple years of ownership
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