Applications: ADME/Tox: NanoCell

In Vitro ADME/Tox Studies

1 x Rbt Denso Robot   1 x Inc HighRes SteriStore D
3 x Mcd MicroDock   1 x Cfg Automated Plate Centrifuge
1 x Dsp Multi Reagent Dispenser   1 x Bcr Barcode Reader
1 x Pip Liquid Handler   1 x Lid HighRes Lid Valet
1 x Rdr Multimode Reader  


This system is a HighRes NanoCell configured for in vitro ADME/Tox assays. The uses for this system include Cytochrome P450 panel screening and multiplexed assays for cell viability and apoptosis. The capabilities include a liquid handler for transferring compounds into assay plates, a multi reagent dispenser and multimode reader for assembling and reading the commercially available assay kits, and a HighRes SteriStore for incubating cell plates.

With an industrial arm at its center, this NanoCell guarantees that time-critical data for project progression can be delivered in a highly reliable manner.

System Key Advantages

Flexible - Use this system for other types of experiment formats. For example, undock the multimode reader, and swap in a high throughput tensiometer (e.g. Kibron Delta-8) to allow phospholipidosis screening and intestinal permeability measurements.

Economical - Perform your assay development on the same device that you screen with. Turn the multi reagent dispenser turntable around to get safe manual access to the device.

Sustainable - Adapt to new profiling formats and technologies by purchasing extra carts for novel instrumentation. These can then be docked into the existing platform.