Tundra StoreTM

Automated Low Temperature Freezer

Cool Keep your cool

TundraStore is insulated with aerogel (also known as frozen smoke), the lowest-density solid known. Aerogel is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best insulator known to man. A dual set of automated doors minimizes exposure of the internal chamber to the environment. That’s pretty much the best protection you can give your samples, and yourself.

Fast It's about the efficiency of your workflow, not the speed of your plates

No automated freezer accelerates your workflow faster than TundraStore. With up to six separate transfer nests, TundraStore is designed to wait for the robot, not the other way around. Auto-id of barcoded plate stackers prevents crashing of the spatula due to configuration mistakes.

Friendly Don't fight with your store

Easily control and monitor your samples’ environment. TundraStore’s interface is an easy-to use graphical web page. Just point and click–no need to memorize cryptic codes. Navigate from set up to teaching to operation with ease. Network with Ethernet communications, not serial. With web-based temperature and gas-level monitoring, plus email alerts of alarm conditions, you can be in constant contact with TundraStore.

TundraStore M cold Storage.
28 hotel capacity.
TundraStore M cold Storage.
28 hotel capacity.

Key Features:

  • Load up to 462 or 924 standard microplates in an incredibly small footprint
  • Fast retrieval/storage time
  • Integrated barcode scanning for fast inventory tracking
  • Easy to load and remove stackers
  • Compatible with MicroCart™ and MicroDock
  • Convenient Ethernet communications
  • Configure up to six input/output nests at any height
  • Available with portrait or landscape presentation


TundraStore D

TundraStore M

Dimensions (H x W x L) 1397 x 864 x 914 mm 1930 x 864 x 914 mm
  55 x 34 x 36 in 76 x 34 x 36 in
Power 120/240VAC, 50/60Hz 120/240VAC, 50/60Hz
Compressed Air 552 kPa (80 psi) 552 kPa (80 psi)
Communications Ethernet Ethernet
Weight (empty) 436 kg (962 lbs) 601 kg (1324 lbs)
Capacity 14 hotels 28 hotels
  462 1536-well plates 924 1536-well plates
  336 96/384-well plates 672 96/384-well plates
  140 Deep-well plates 280 Deep-well plates
  25.5k 0.5 ml tubes51.0k 0.5 ml tubes
  13.4k 1.4 ml tubes26.8k 1.4 ml tubes
  126 Tip boxes 252 Tip boxes

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