Connectivity Accelerating Productivity

Cellario™ Connects You to Your World

Everything in your world relies upon data, and your laboratory needs to keep pace. Cellario™ seamlessly integrates all the individual devices and software within your laboratory, regardless of the vendor or format, allowing you to concentrate on selecting and implementing the best possible technologies to accelerate any workflow.

Cellario™ Works the Way You Do

Use your laboratory instrumentation manually, as part of an automated Work Cell, or even within an enterprise-level Data Factory. Cellario™ intuitively connects operators with instrumentation and informatics while immediately adapting and re-adapting to your science, your technology, and your organization – wherever in the world you may be.

Moreover, Cellario™ is fully backward compatible, enabling easy adoption at an unprecedented scale. Go ahead. Design, build and test scientific experiments, stream samples uniformly across single and multiple Work Cells. Collaborate.


“Cellario™ is very intuitive and allows the users the ability to easily set up and schedule their workflows. Our solution has made our lab more efficient and safer. The Work Cell has become essential to our lab.”

Linda Lee
Sr. Scientist II

“We chose HighRes Biosolutions for its diverse device integration options, flexibility, and powerful software. With the Cellario™ scheduler, we are capable of performing multiple in vitro assays in parallel without impacting the quality and the pharmacology of our assays. The HighRes partnership enabled us to speed up our research and bring new medicines to patients in a faster and more efficient manner.”

Nicolas Houvenaghel, M.S.
Sr. Automation Scientist, In vitro Biochemical & Cellular Pharmacology

The Cellario™ driver library supports hundreds of devices from leading life science manufacturers

Please visit our Developer Site to explore our Cellario™ driver library.


Cellario™ Data Factories Enable Better Decisions, Faster

Whether you work with benchtop or enterprise-level automated systems, move beyond mere workflow scheduling or process management to create Data Factories with Cellario™ that produce more data more quickly and reliably for better decisions faster!

Cellario’s extensible, Applications Programming Interface (API)-forward architecture allows anyone to connect with any hardware or any software to meet any laboratory requirement anytime. It’s about data, and whether it’s scientific data for new insights, meta-data for efficiency reporting, or event-based data for regulatory compliance, Cellario™ has you covered.

Cellario™ is your trusted laboratory software partner moving at the speed of science.

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