Mobile, Modular Lab Automation

CoLAB Flex™

CoLab Flex

Historically, the design and use of laboratory automation has been built around large static systems that have consumed a lot of lab space. Troubleshooting or reconfiguring systems has always been a labor intensive, time consuming process that required operators to dismantle and carefully reinstall each system device and its associate shielding.

Now, through client feedback and clever design, HighRes® is evolving its MicroDock/Microcart™ technology to create a link between workstation technology and fully integrated lab automation systems that changes the face of laboratory automation.

Welcome to the next generation of lab automation technology: CoLAB Flex! Flex provides scientists with a small footprint, vertically oriented, mobile lab automation system. With the CoLAB Flex it is now possible to construct a laboratory automation system in three dimensions and move it around the laboratory wherever automation may be needed. Instead of reconfiguring individual devices, the CoLAB Flex allows you to move entire processes, not just individual devices.

Real Estate

Are you looking to save lab space? Will a small footprint lab automation system benefit you and your colleagues?  Accommodating up to 4 levels of devices, the CoLAB Flex allows you to get the maximum functionality for your assays by using the minimal amount of valuable lab space. With this innovative design, the ACell’s vertical integration capabilities with multiple devices is fully realized.


Sometimes you have equipment that you can’t move easily that is required for an assay. Rather than trying to move a mountain, the CoLAB Flex allows you to move your automation to the mountain. This unique mobile design removes the requirement for you to take the time and resources to reconfigure a static automation system. The CoLAB Flex allows you to take your fully configured automation process and bring it to where automation is needed in your laboratory.

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