Liquid Handling Redefined

Scientist operating liquid handling equipment

Intelligently designed for high performance and ease of use

Robotic arm holding a device

We know liquid handling

We have integrated competing liquid handlers for years, and have a deep understanding of their designs, limitations and flaws. Inspired to do better, we fundamentally rethought architecture and function, creating Prime- a novel liquid handler with clear, distinct advantages in a small footprint.

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Prime cart

Do more with less

Prime’s small footprint design provides distinct advantages, including industry-leading speeds, walk-away time, and versatility.

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Offering a variety of accessories

  • refillable reservoir
  • tip wash station
  • pump stir plate
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HighRes Software running on a laptop

Easy to use

Run by eye-catching software designed with you in mind, Solution’s intuitive interface allows you to focus on your science, not your computer.

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