Liquid Handling Redefined

Scientist operating liquid handling equipment

Intelligently designed for high performance and ease of use

Robotic arm holding a device

We know liquid handling

We have integrated competing liquid handlers for years, and have a deep understanding of their designs, limitations and flaws. Inspired to do better, we fundamentally rethought architecture and function, creating Prime- a novel liquid handler with clear, distinct advantages.

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Prime cart

Do more with less

Prime’s compact design provides distinct advantages, including industry-leading speeds, walk-away time, and versatility.

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Offering a variety of accessories

  • refillable reservoir
  • tip wash station
  • pump stir plate
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HighRes Software running on a laptop

Easy to use

Run by eye-catching software designed with you in mind, Solution’s intuitive interface allows you to focus on your science, not your computer.

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Bringing liquid handling automation, labware movement and storage together

Moveable liquid handling stations

Moveable, space saving design

Novel vertical orientation

Prime is much more space-efficient than competing liquid handlers, conserving your valuable lab space.

Use it how and where you’d like

On wheels and docking-enabled, Prime is an extension of our core Microdock design, and can be easily attached and detached from any HighRes system.

Prime stations

Full deck utilization

Dynamic trays

Prime separates the positions for loading labware and for pipetting. The two dynamic trays can move between the loading position and the pipetting position, removing bottlenecks.

Underdeck storage

A large carousel for storing labware is located below the deck, greatly increasing walk-away time while also permitting a more compact deck. Random and non-random access with bar code scanning are built-in features.

Collaborative robot arm in action

Built in collaborative robot

Built to work on its own or with others, Prime’s collaborative robot allows you to reach in and work while it works.

Prime continuous pipetting

Continuous pipetting

From batch to parallel

Traditional liquid handlers are forced to operate in a batch mode, as the pipetting head used for aspirating and dispensing cannot be in operation while the deck is being loaded. As a result, the system must wait while labware is brought into position. Prime does both simultaneously.

Two built-in robots

In addition to the aspirating and dispensing robot, Prime adds a second collaborative A-Cell robot on the back of the unit, which is able to move labware to and from the deck.

Moveable prime cart

Move it. Dock it. Take it anywhere

Prime is a cart

Compatible with our modular Microdock architecture, Prime is on wheels and can easily be attached and detached from any HighRes system. Press a pedal and in seconds wheel Prime anywhere it might be needed.

Increase utilization

Large system not running for some period? Detach Prime and use as a stand along liquid handler, anywhere in your operation.

Prime switchable heads

Easily switch heads

A better approach

Traditional liquid handlers have heads arranged in a way that prevents them from reaching all deck positions because they cannot pass each other. Prime solves this problem by allowing heads to be stored and automatically swapped to the primary pipetting robot, where they are able to serve the entire deck.

Stay flexible

With up to four heads held suspended and out of the way at the back of the unit, Prime allows you to easily switch between plate densities and volumes, or add additional heads later as your scientific needs evolve.

Swap and load

Prime’s built-in collaborative robot can continuously replenish labware as needed, even while the pipetting robot is swapping heads, further minimizing unproductive downtime.

Prime large and small scale systems

Works on large and small systems

A range unlike any other

Integrate Prime on large complex systems, or use Prime to control other devices as a stand-alone integration – something no other liquid handler can do.

Our design features offer a multitude of benefits over traditional liquid handlers

  • No wait time

    Prime is always working in parallel, so that the pipette head no longer has to wait for your samples to be delivered to the deck.

  • Reusable across labware

    Intuitive software allows method designers to develop templates that can be reused in any situation and without explicitly defining labware.

  • No straining required

    Designed by users, Prime allows for 360 degrees of access to its deck and storage, minimizing the need for you to crawl, contort or stretch.

  • Space saving

    Prime is significantly more compact than traditional horizontally-oriented liquid handlers. It fits next to your lab bench rather than taking it over.

  • Super flexibile

    Prime maximizes throughput and flexibility by enabling on the fly changes to accommodate various plate formats and dispensing volumes.

  • Easy to use

    Our software combines an easy-to-navigate UI and intuitive method design, allowing you to focus on your science not on the computer.

  • Stores more

    The underdeck can store more labware than any other liquid handler.

  • Adaptable to your science

    Prime can be used as a standalone device, complete integrated system, or docked onto your system to suit your scientific needs.

  • Infinite integrations

    Containing industry leading scripting and web service APIs, supporting any type of integration you can imagine.

Offering various accessories, Prime achieves a multitude of applications

Whether you are performing NGS sample prep, ELISA, cell culture and any cell based assays, Prime allows you to perform your work and reconfigure based on your project needs.

We also offer you a wide array of inter-changeable accessories. From temperature controlled stations, shakers, tip wash stations, auto-fill reservoirs, and magnet stations, you will have confidence in knowing you can successfully perform your assays without worry.

All HighRes pipette can come in sterile, sterile/filtered, and nested.

Prime Heads

  • 96MC, 70 ul head

    • Minimum Vol

    • Maximum Vol

    • Pipette Tip

  • 96MC, 220 ul head

    • Minimum Vol

    • Maximum Vol

    • Pipette Tip

  • 96MC, 1 ml head

    • Minimum Vol

    • Maximum Vol

    • Pipette Tip

  • 384MC, 70 ul

    • Minimum Vol

    • Maximum Vol

    • Pipette Tip


Prime Tips

  • 30uL (384)

    • Single
    • Single, Sterile
    • Single, Filtered
    • Single, Filtered, Sterile
    • Nested
    • Nested, Sterile
  • 220uL (96)

    • Single
    • Single, Sterile
    • Single, Filtered
    • Single, Filtered, Sterile
    • Nested
    • Nested, Sterile
  • 70uL (384)

    • Single
    • Single, Sterile
    • Single, Filtered
    • Single, Filtered, Sterile
  • 1mL (96)

    • Single
    • Single, Sterile
    • Single, Filtered
    • Single, Filtered, Sterile
    • Nested
    • Nested, Sterile

Other Accessories

    • Pump Stir Plate (PSP)
    • Manual Reservoirs
    • Pintool Head
    • Overflow Bath
    • Autofilling Reservoirs
    • Chimney Wash

Software that makes the design and execution of your science easy

Effortlessly view and understand what is occurring with Prime, while monitoring and modifying functions when you need to.

Featuring a graphical interface

  • Head map interface
  • Method designer interface
  • Support tool interface
  • Deck viewer interface
Method designer application

Simple, yet powerful

Imagine being able to visually interpret your protocol without having to review the parameters. Prime’s software Solution provides you with the ability to create visually interpretive workflows.

Software application interface

Intuitive UI

Navigate tabs to easily develop and manipulate your protocol, giving users quick start up time to running your methods.

Labware agnostic software user interface

Labware agnostic

Create methods without explicitly indicating the exact labware type you want to use.

Analysis tools software interface

Analysis tools

Tired of watching a 3D model of your liquid handler? Want to know how your samples will really be handled? Use qualitative and quantitative analysis tools to ensure sample uniformity across your method.

Web Service API software interface

Web services and API exposure

Supports any type of LIMS integration or customization you can imagine, enabling you the ability to go beyond the standard features.