The modular approach to automation

MicroDock & MicroCart



Have you ever wanted to reconfigure lab automation on your own? What stopped you? At HighRes®, we rethink the way automation works in the laboratory. We believe you should be able to use microplate handling instruments as plug and play lab devices, even if they are in different areas of your lab or in different labs altogether. The MicroDock – HighRes’ device docking station and the MicroCart – HighRes’ modular device cart, allow you to integrate lab devices almost instantly, without having to reteach the robot and reconnect instruments. Turn an automated sample preparation system into a compound management system in a matter of seconds!


Move hundreds of sample plates from an automated plate freezer to your automated system in just a few seconds. Deploy copies of entire libraries, or distribute subsets of libraries on demand. Move the output of one lab automation system to the input of a completely separate system, with little effort on your part. You can link different parts of your process effortlessly with MicroDocks.


Your lab devices are major investments. Why not make full use of them? With MicroCarts, you can easily connect lab devices on one system one day, and then move them to another system the next. The MicroCart is more than just a laboratory instrument cart, it integrates lab devices and turns them into mobile lab devices.


With modular laboratory automation systems, you can use instruments offline for manual use and servicing. Use devices offline for manual assay development and validation, then dock them back onto the system and use the same devices for the real assay run. All this and more is possible with the modularity you can only get with HighRes’ patented MicroDocks and MicroCarts.

MicroDock Key Features:

  • Laboratory Device integration with the touch of a foot pedal
  • Supplies power, communications, gases automatically without the need to handle cabling or tubing
  • Move devices and inventory easily from system to system
  • Add or remove an instrument to your automated system in seconds
  • Reconfigure your system daily (new dispensers, pipettors, readers) for different assays
  • Move instruments offline for manual use/assay development
  • Add a new device to your system quickly and economically to accommodate changing technologies

MicroCart Key Features:

  • Mobile lab device cart
  • Turntable and slide options allow user to rotate or slide out device on cart for manual use while still on the automated system. Robot knows not to access device while in manual use thanks to a turntable sensor.
  • MicroCarts are strong, they can even support a ViewLux
  • MicroCart self-identifies once plugged into a MicroDock. No need to re-teach the robot or inform Cellario™ (our system scheduling software) where inventory/devices are located

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