HighRes Biosolutions Aids in Automating Next Generation Small Molecule Lead Discovery

Multiple Automated Nucleus® Systems Powered by Cellario™ Help Build the Lab of the Future

HighRes Biosolutions is pleased to announce an agreement with Deerfield Management Company (“Deerfield”) to provide multi-module automation for chemical synthesis and screening to Deerfield’s Lab of the Future. The Lab of the Future expects to utilize automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to make the preclinical drug discovery process faster, more data-driven, and more cost-effective than current practices.

“Creating the ‘Lab of the Future’ is an invitation, not only to automate but to completely rethink and reshape traditional ways of approaching small molecule lead discovery,” commented Marc Feiglin, Head of Innovative Technologies, Deerfield Discovery and Development at Deerfield. “We chose to work with HighRes because we believe that their forward-reaching products and people will bring us closer to our goal of improving healthcare for all.”

Through extensive collaboration with Deerfield, HighRes designed multiple automated solutions that leverage best-in-class laboratory devices integrated onto HighRes Nucleus modular automation infrastructure.

HighRes will be providing three key modules of automation for the Lab of the Future: (i) an ACell rail-based system dedicated for chemical synthesis, (ii) a HighRes FlexCart for assay-ready microplate creation, and (iii) an ACell rail-based system for high throughput screening.

The chemical synthesis system is designed for rapid, parallel synthesis of hundreds of de novo structures designed by AI in a single run. The automation system can perform multiple coupling chemistries, including those requiring inert conditions.

Following synthesis, a second Nucleus Work Cell that features a FlexCart™ with a collaborative robotic arm is used to prepare the synthesized compounds into assay-ready plates (ARPs). The mobile FlexCart™ is easily moved throughout the lab and utilizes high-density vertical space to integrate an acoustic liquid handler and other devices necessary to transfer the synthesized compounds into ARPs while minimizing its overall footprint.

The screening system is designed for parallel execution of both cellular and biochemical assays with modalities such as HTRF, CTG, p450, ion channel, and phenotypic assays. The high-throughput, high content, assay system is configured with MicroDock™ platforms that enable interconnectivity with the mobile FlexCart™ ARP system and for future expansion as Deerfield adapts their utility across new projects. CellarioScheduler™ software will allow Deerfield to run multiple biological screening assays concurrently.

CellarioOS™ will provide full lab control, connecting sample data across the multiple automation modules and with the broader software infrastructure, increasing the chance to generate accurate, repeatable datasets to fuel their ML algorithms. Operators can use the software to request, calendar, and run requests for compound synthesis and/or assay execution from anywhere in the world facilitating greater scientific collaboration with the broader Deerfield collaborators across multiple disparate labs.

“Our goal is to use automation to make life better”, says Ira Hoffman, HighRes Biosolutions CEO, “and what better opportunity than to work with some of the industry’s experienced scientists to shorten the time from drug discovery to the clinic? Our agreement with Deerfield is particularly exciting as they are seeking to leverage AI to design tens of thousands of novel small molecules which can be synthesised and screened on our robotics. HighRes is a great fit for Deerfield as we allow intelligent modular designs, balancing capability with available space. Fitting a state-of-the-art lab into Manhattan real estate is a feat in itself. Our software Cellario will allow the Deerfield scientists to push the boundaries of discovery by enabling them to schedule and run complex processes, capture fully contextualised data, and connect that data into AI and ML software. Deerfield is using a proprietary chemical synthesis approach which excites me personally as my career started in a small molecule screening lab, and it’s great to see the application of automation finally catching up with this area of research. We’re excited for the future.”

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