HighRes Biosolutions fortifies applications team

HighRes Biosolutions, the leader in laboratory automation solutions for life science, announced today that it has hired Chris Pacheco, Ph.D, as Director of Life Science Technologies. Dr. Pacheco joins HighRes from Dr. Susan Lindquist’s lab at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at MIT.

Dr. Pacheco brings with him over a decade of academic and industrial experience in biomedical sciences. Dr. Pacheco received multiple co-authored patents for novel gene therapy technologies at the Lentiviral Research Group at Cell Genesys, Inc in Foster City, CA. He received his doctorate from the University of Michigan in Neuroscience, where he led a collaboration between the Michigan Medical School and R&D groups at Pfizer-Ann Arbor. Dr. Pacheco has recently completed his postdoctoral training in the lab of Dr. Susan Lindquist, studying Parkinson’s disease, and leaves the Whitehead Institute as Co-chair of the Postdoctoral Association.

“Dr. Pacheco’s extensive experience in multiple domains of biomedical research will help HighRes accelerate development of platforms in functional genomics and other fast-growing research areas,” said HighRes Biosolutions Managing Director Ira Hoffman.

Dr. Pacheco assumes his position with HighRes in May. He can be reached at cpacheco@highresbio.com.

About HighRes Biosolutions

HighRes Biosolutions, Inc. is the leader in the design and construction of innovative robotic systems and laboratory devices used by pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research laboratories. HighRes accelerates drug discovery, high throughput genotyping, siRNA screening, next-generation sequencing sample prep, biorepository science and molecular diagnostics with highly flexible, expandable and modular integrated systems, bench-top devices and consumables that are easily configured (and reconfigured) to create research environments conducive to achieving breakthrough results.

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