Approachable. Adaptable. Robust.

The integration of Cellario™ system control software with a wide range of LIMS

We have assembled a secure set of APIs (Application Program Interface) through years of practice that allow Cellario to be integrated with whichever LIMS you may use.

Enjoy the benefits of LIMS integration.

With our wide range of features available through a flexible API, you can get the customization you desire without having to change your workflow.

Real time integration.

Share data freely between LIMS and the automation system operation software platform.

Reduce the time and resources required to manage the information integral to the operation of any organization using laboratory automation and LIMS.

User empowerment.

Quickly and easily migrate work from your LIMS to your laboratory automation system.

Eliminate tedious and error prone manual data manipulation that is often required for communication or synchronization between LIMS and laboratory automation systems.

Freedom of choice.

Exposes access to data over the two most commonly used Web Services Implementation Protocols: REST and SOAP services.

Gives you the freedom of choice and flexibility to choose your own path and simplifies the ability to access your data files without having to deal with Windows permissions and shares.

Technical Details

Data Querying and Modifying
  • Ask Cellario about any of its known data and data types.
  • Interact with these data types over the API
  • Create Orders in any fashion you want.
  • Leverage Cellario and storage devices barcode scanning to perform ordering by barcode and inventory management over this API.
System Status and Control
  • Start, stop, pause or merely monitor your system
  • Control your entire system on any device
  • Use the software to build your own customized System Dashboard
  • Subscribe to one or more events and filter these events to your desired level of discretion.
  • Retrieve a full history of events at any time or build your own UIs/dashboard.
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe to any events for a specific data stream of your own.
Data Reporting
  • Available in either JSON or XML
  • Built on a completely secure API set

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