Lab Automation Scheduling software for Life Science Robotics.

Software is the Key

The mastermind behind every laboratory automation system HighRes builds is Cellario, the world’s easiest-to-use lab automation software. Cellario is the cornerstone that ties HighRes’ patented hardware and modular architecture together. It is approachable, adaptable, and robust. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our software is the best in the industry, and once you’ve tried it, we think you’ll quickly agree.


We think software should accelerate your science, not impede it. We have designed Cellario to be an intuitive lab software package. New operators are able to set up experiments using our lab software protocol designer, and run automated experiments in as little as one to two hours; those who are software-savvy are able to set up day-long runs in minutes. With key features that enable lab experiment simulation, Cellario makes even our largest lab automation systems as easy to operate as our benchtop robot, the ACell.


Cellario's intelligent, modular design makes it easy to customize to suit your processes. This unique lab scheduling software architecture enables HighRes to tightly integrate Cellario with your Laboratory Information Management Service (LIMS) or other internal software. If needed, HighRes can even create custom laboratory scheduling software for your more complex processes and assays (or lab data output capturing requirements), without modifying Cellario's core laboratory software scheduler.


Cellario's error recovery and editing features are unmatched. Total system power loss can be overcome in just a few clicks. Our instrument device driver software, which is tailor-made for each device we integrate, is able to detect and report most errors on your system's devices back to Cellario; Cellario can then be configured to automatically react to them. Cellario protocols can be modified on the fly, even in the middle of a run, using the Active Plate Editor Feature. To see it is to believe it, contact us for a tour.


Download the Cellario Brochure.