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We’ve built the world’s easiest-to-use lab automation software

Lab automation software running on an iMac

Lab automation scheduling software for life science robotics

The mastermind behind every laboratory automation system HighRes builds is Cellario, the world’s easiest-to-use lab automation software. Cellario is the cornerstone that ties HighRes’ patented hardware and modular architecture together.

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Scientist monitoring app from mobile application

Monitor from anywhere

With Cellario Connect, you can monitor your system’s performance, recover from errors, and connect to your system devices via your phone or tablet. It’s a quick and easy way to stay productive

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Easily view and understand what is occurring on Prime

Tired of watching a 3D model of your liquid handler? Want to know how your samples will really be handled? Use qualitative and quantitative analysis tools to ensure sample uniformity across your method.

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LIMS DIagram

Integrate with whichever LIMS you use

Cellario, with its coupled API layers, is designed to support a wide range of upstream and downstream data integration requirements. It supports the use of external applications to generate orders by inserting records into the Cellario Oracle database via PL/SQL Stored Procedures API or a Web Services API Layer.

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Device drivers ready to go

Our current driver library suits a broad realm of devices. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we are always happy to discuss developing new drivers for clients.

See our list of device drivers.

Lab automation scheduling software for life science robotics

Cellario is the cornerstone that ties HighRes’ patented hardware and modular architecture together.

HighRes software being demonstrated

Software is the key

The mastermind behind every laboratory automation system HighRes builds is Cellario, the world’s easiest-to-use lab automation software. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our software is the best in the industry, and once you’ve tried it, we think you’ll quickly agree.


We think software should accelerate your science, not impede it. We have designed Cellario to be an intuitive lab software package.

New operators are able to set up experiments using our lab software protocol designer, and run automated experiments in as little as one to two hours; those who are software-savvy are able to set up day-long runs in minutes.

With key features that enable lab experiment simulation, Cellario makes even our largest lab automation systems as easy to operate as our benchtop robot.

Cellario software application


Cellario’s intelligent, modular design makes it easy to customize to suit your processes

Integrate Cellario with your Laboratory Information Management Service (LIMS) or other internal software

We can create custom laboratory scheduling software for your more complex processes and assays (or lab data output capturing requirements)

Cellario software application


Unmatched error recovery and editing features

Total system power loss can be overcome in just a few clicks.

Device driver software detects and reports most errors on your system’s devices back to Cellario, which can then be configured to automatically react to them.

Cellario protocols can be modified on the fly, even in the middle of a run, using the Active Plate Editor Feature.

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Mobile lab automation control

Control and monitor your system from a mobile device

Expand your capabilities

Designed as an extension of HighRes’ powerful Cellario instrument control software, this application communicates with your Cellario controlled lab automation system and allows you to control and monitor your lab automation system from a mobile device. Equipped with an extremely useful dashboard feature, Cellario Connect gives you instant access to key system control and operating parameters at a glance.


Fully compatible with both iPhone™ and Android™ devices, so you don’t have to be in the lab.

Schedule an assay, monitor the progress of an ongoing protocol or check to see if your latest assay is complete all at your fingertips on your mobile device.

Readily respond to urgent requests or improve the efficiency of your screening operations.

Key Features

  • Control automation system operations with a mobile device
  • Monitor the status of automation systems and devices remotely
  • Useful single screen dashboard style operation
  • Compatible with iPhone or Android devices
  • Automatically syncs with system control Cellario software


OS Compatibility iPhone or Android phone or tablet devices
Connectivity Requires network connection to Cellario system control software
System Control Schedule runs; Start and Stop runs; Monitor
Capabilities Status of systems, devices, and samples; Control system and device functions

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Liquid handling automation software

Easily view and understand what is occurring on Prime

Liquid handling automation software interface

Designed to make the design and execution of your science easy

With an intuitive navigation and graphically-based interface, Solution allows you to easily view and understand what is occurring on Prime, while allowing you to monitor and modify functions when you need to.

Simple, yet powerful

Create visually interpretive workflows without having to review the parameters.

Intuitively navigate tabs to easily develop and manipulate your protocol.

Use qualitative and quantitative analysis tools to ensure sample uniformity across your method.

Key Features

  • Supports any type of LIMS integration or customization
  • Create methods without explicitly indicating the exact labware type you want to use
  • Quick start up time

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The integration of Cellario™ system control software with a wide range of LIMS

We have assembled a secure set of APIs (Application Program Interface) through years of practice that allow Cellario to be integrated with whichever LIMS you may use.

Enjoy the benefits of LIMS integration.

With our wide range of features available through a flexible API, you can get the customization you desire without having to change your workflow.

Real time integration.

Share data freely between LIMS and the automation system operation software platform.

Reduce the time and resources required to manage the information integral to the operation of any organization using laboratory automation and LIMS.

User empowerment.

Quickly and easily migrate work from your LIMS to your laboratory automation system.

Eliminate tedious and error prone manual data manipulation that is often required for communication or synchronization between LIMS and laboratory automation systems.

Freedom of choice.

Exposes access to data over the two most commonly used Web Services Implementation Protocols: REST and SOAP services.

Gives you the freedom of choice and flexibility to choose your own path and simplifies the ability to access your data files without having to deal with Windows permissions and shares.

Technical Details

Data Querying and Modifying
  • Ask Cellario about any of its known data and data types.
  • Interact with these data types over the API
  • Create Orders in any fashion you want.
  • Leverage Cellario and storage devices barcode scanning to perform ordering by barcode and inventory management over this API.
System Status and Control
  • Start, stop, pause or merely monitor your system
  • Control your entire system on any device
  • Use the software to build your own customized System Dashboard
  • Subscribe to one or more events and filter these events to your desired level of discretion.
  • Retrieve a full history of events at any time or build your own UIs/dashboard.
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe to any events for a specific data stream of your own.
Data Reporting
  • Available in either JSON or XML
  • Built on a completely secure API set

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Cellario™ device drivers

Our current driver library includes the devices listed below. We are always happy to discuss developing new drivers for clients.

Name Device Type
Agilent Microplate Labeler VCode Barcode Printer/Appliers
CyBi-Print vario Barcode Printer/Appliers
KBiosystems Gecko Barcode Printer/Appliers
Computype Models Barcode Readers
Analytik Jena QuadPrint Barcode Readers
Brooks Models Barcode Readers
Keyence SR-1000 Barcode Readers
Microscan MS3 CCD or Laser Barcode Readers
Brooks Reatrix Barcode Readers
Ziath ZTS-A6 Barcode Readers
Ziath Datapaq High Speed Scanner Barcode Readers
Brooks XDC 96 Pro Capper/Decappers
Brooks Capper/Decappers
Brooks Capper/Decappers
Hamilton Decapper Capper/Decappers
Matrix/Thermo/TAP Capit-All Capper/Decappers
TTP Labtech Capper/Decapper Capper/Decappers
Lonza Nucleofector Cell Transfection
HighRes MicroSpin Centrifuges
Agilent Microplate Centrifuge VSpin Centrifuges
Agilent VSpin A Centrifuges
BioNex HiG 5000 Centrifuges
Hettich Rotanta 46 RSC Centrifuges
Thermo GR4 Centrifuges
Guava Cell Counter Cytometers/Counters
Union Biometrica COPAS Cytometers/Counters
HighRes MicroBlast Deionizers/Air Knifes
Aurora PicoRAPTR Dispensers
Aurora Scout Dispensers
Beckman BioRAPTR Dispensers
BioTek MicroFill Dispensers
BioTek MultiFlo Dispensers
Deerac latitude Dispensers
Formulatrix Tempest Dispensers
Formulatrix Mantis Dispensers
Innovadyne Nanodrop Dispensers
Integra VIAFILL Dispensers
Kalypsys Dispenser Dispensers
Labcyte/Deerac LX Reagent Dispenser Dispensers
Molecular Devices Aquamax (all models) Dispensers
PerkinElmer FlexDrop I Dispensers
Redd&Whyte Preddator Dispensers
Scinomix BB Dropper Dispensers
Thermo Combi µL/nL Dispensers
Thermo Wellmate Dispensers
HighRes MicroDock Docking Station
Porvair Ultrvap Evaporators
HighRes SampleVault Freezers
HighRes TundraStore (all models) Freezers
Brooks Freezers
Brooks Freezers
Applied Precision CellWoRx High Content Imagers
Biotek Cytation 3 High Content Imagers
GE IN Cell Analyzer 2200 High Content Imagers
GE IN Cell Analyzer 6000 High Content Imagers
Molecular Devices CloneSelect High Content Imagers
Molecular Devices Image Express High Content Imagers
PerkinElmer Opera High Content Imagers
PerkinElmer Operetta High Content Imagers
PerkinElmer Phenix High Content Imagers
Thermo ArrayScan High Content Imagers
Thermo cellista NXT High Content Imagers
TTP Acumen Explorer High Content Imagers
TTP Mirrorball High Content Imagers
Yokogowa Cell Voyager 7000 High Content Imagers
HighRes AmbiStore Incubator/Carousels
HighRes MicroServe Incubator/Carousels
HighRes NanoServe Incubator/Carousels
HighRes PicoServe Incubator/Carousels
HighRes SteriStore Incubator/Carousels
InHeco Incubator Incubator/Carousels
Liconic (all models) Incubator/Carousels
Thermo Cytomat (all models) Incubator/Carousels
Agilent MiniHub Incubator/Carousels
HighRes LidValet Lid Hotel
Brooks SonicMan Mixers/Sample Preparation
Covaris (all models) Mixers/Sample Preparation
Microsonic HENDRIX SM-100 Mixers/Sample Preparation
SPEX GenoGrinder Mixers/Sample Preparation
Thermo KingFisher Flex Nucleic Acid Purification
HighRes MicroPierce Pierce Tools
Agilent Microplate Seal Piercer Plate Pierce Pierce Tools
Brooks Pierce Tools
KBiosystems K-Pierce Pierce Tools
HighRes MicroPin Liquid Handler
Agilent Bravo Bravo Liquid Handler
Agilent Vertical Pipetting Station VPrep Liquid Handler
Apricot Pipettor (all models) Liquid Handler
Art Robbins Instruments Phoenix Liquid Handler
Beckman Biomek FX/NX Liquid Handler
Analytik Jena CyBi-luma Liquid Handler
Analytik Jena Vario Liquid Handler
Dynamic Devices Lynx Liquid Handler
Dynamic Devices Oasis Liquid Handler
EDC ATS-100 Liquid Handler
Hamilton STAR/STARLET Liquid Handler
Labcyte Echo Liquid Handler
NanoScreen (all models) Liquid Handler
PerkinElmer Janus Liquid Handler
PerkinElmer MultiPROBE Liquid Handler
TAP BasePlate Liquid Handler
Tecan Genesis/Freedom/EVO Liquid Handler
TTP Mosquito Liquid Handler
Applied Biosystems 7900HT Plate Readers
Applied Precision CellWoRx Plate Readers
Aurora tcPR Plate Readers
BD FACSArray Plate Readers
Beckman Coulter DTX 880 Plate Readers
BioTek BioWave Plate Readers
BioTek Cytation 3 Plate Readers
BioTek Eon Plate Readers
BioTek Epoch Plate Readers
BioTek PowerWave HT Plate Readers
BioTek Synergy Plate Readers
BioTek Synergy NEO Plate Readers
BMG LABTECH FLUOStar Plate Readers
BMG LABTECH PHERAstar (all models) Plate Readers
BMG LABTECH POLARstar Omega Plate Readers
BMG LABTECH RUBYstar Plate Readers
Brooks Celigo Imaging Cytometer Plate Readers
Brooks Plate Readers
Bruker Autoflex II MALDI TOF/TOF Plate Readers
Bruker Autoflex Speed Plate Readers
Bruker RapiFlex Plate Readers
Bruker UltraFlexTreme Plate Readers
Caliper Life Science/PerkinElmer Plate Readers
LabChip® EZ Reader II Plate Readers
Caliper Life Science/PerkinElmer LabChip® GX II Plate Readers
Custom HighRes TEER Reader for PAMPA Assays Plate Readers
Analytik Jena Lumax Plate Readers
GE Healthcare LEADseeker Plate Readers
GE IN Cell Analyzer 2200/6000 Plate Readers
Hamamatsu FDSS 6000/7000 Plate Readers
IDEA Bio-Medical WiScan Plate Readers
IntelliCyt HTFC Screening System Plate Readers
Intellicyt iQue Screener Plate Readers
LifeTechnologies/Applied Biosystems ViiA 7 Plate Readers
Luminex FLEXMAP 3D Plate Readers
Mesoscale Discovery SECTOR Plate Readers
Miltenyi Biotec autoMACS Pro Separator Plate Readers Continued
Miltenyi Biotec MACSQuant Analyzer Plate Readers Continued
Molecular Devices Analyst Plate Readers Continued
Molecular Devices Discovery 1 Plate Readers Continued
Molecular Devices FlexStation Plate Readers Continued
Molecular Devices FLIPR (all models) Plate Readers Continued
Molecular Devices Image Express Plate Readers Continued
Molecular Devices Spectramax Plate Readers Continued
Molecular Devices SpectraMax F5 Plate Readers Continued
Pall/ForteBio Octet QK384 Plate Readers Continued
PerkinElmer Enspire Plate Readers Continued
PerkinElmer Envision Plate Readers Continued
PerkinElmer MicroBeta2 LumiJET Plate Readers Continued
PerkinElmer Opera Plate Readers Continued
PerkinElmer Operettaacumen Plate Readers Continued
PerkinElmer Victor Plate Readers Continued
PerkinElmer ViewLux Plate Readers Continued
Roche LightCycler (all models) Plate Readers Continued
SRU Bind Plate Readers Continued
Tecan F200 Plate Readers Continued
Tecan Infinite M1000 Plate Readers Continued
Tecan Safire Plate Readers Continued
Thermo ArrayScan Plate Readers Continued
Thermo CellInsight NXT Plate Readers Continued
Thermo Varioskan Plate Readers Continued
TTP Acumen Explorer Plate Readers Continued
TTP Mirrorball Plate Readers Continued
Yokogowa Cell Voyager 7000 Plate Readers Continued
Abgene ALPS Plate Sealers/Peelers
Agilent PlateLoc Plate Sealers/Peelers
Thermal Microplate Sealer Plate Sealers/Peelers
KBiosystems Chameleon Plate Sealers/Peelers
KBiosystems Excision Plate Sealers/Peelers
KBiosystems Wasp Plate Sealers/Peelers
Brooks Plate Sealers/Peelers
Brooks Plate Sealers/Peelers
BlueCatBio BlueWasher Plate Washers
BioNex BNX1536 Plate Washers
BioTek ELx405 Plate Washers
Biotek 405 LS Plate Washers
BioTek EL406 Plate Washers
BioTek ELx50 Plate Washers
Embla (all models) Plate Washers
GNF Washer Plate Washers
Matrical Squirt Plate Washers
Molecular Devices Aquamax (all models) Plate Washers
Tecan PW-384 Plate Washers
HighRes ACell Series Robots Robots
HighRes CoLAB Robots Robots
HighRes MicroTeach Automated Robot Teach Tool Robots
Denso (all models) Robots
Stäubli TX and RX robots (all models) Robots
Big Bear HT-91100 Shakers
Q.Instruments Bioshake 3000 ELM Shakers
Q.Instruments Teleshake Shakers
Siemens MicroMix 5 Shakers
Brooks Sonicman Sonicators
Agilent Microplate Stacker VStack Stackers
Axis Network Cameras System Monitoring
Bionex BeeSure System Monitoring
Fairbanks Scales System Monitoring
HP webcam System Monitoring
Keyence HeightDetect System Monitoring
Liqui-Sense Liquid Detector Pads System Monitoring
Digital I/O System Monitoring
Applied Biosystems 7900HT Thermal Cyclers/Real-Time qPCR
Applied Biosystems Vi Thermal Cyclers/Real-Time qPCR
Biometra TRobot Thermocycler Thermal Cyclers/Real-Time qPCR
InHeco ODTC Thermal Cyclers/Real-Time qPCR
Life Technologies/Applied Biosystems ViiA 7 Thermal Cyclers/Real-Time qPCR
Roche LightCycler (all models) Thermal Cyclers/Real-Time qPCR