Something New is Coming

You may have heard or seen some things about us lately. About how something new is coming at SLAS2022. Something that could help your lab automation move at the speed of science and allow you to connect your science to your data, at any scale.  

As you may be aware, HighRes is the originator of modular robotic automation for the life science market through our MicroCart/MicroDock technology. This technology gives users the ability to exchange technology based on their specific assay needs. We classify this as device-focused modularity. This has been a game-changing technology for scientific discovery.At SLAS2022, we will showcase the expansion of our modularity capabilities to include not only system ancillary components, but also sample distribution.  This capability will be included as part of our new lab automation offering, entitled Nucleus®.  

While system ancillary components are the carts and tables that house your robotic system devices, Nucleus® tables and carts will also evolve with your system as you look to replace devices with new technology thus allowing you to repurpose your system’s components. Nucleus® will also enable sample distribution modularity providing users the ability to automatically move samples between other robotic systems or devices depending on the work to be performed. This evolution of our modular componentry will help expand the lifetime of your HighRes system, increase up-time for your science, and provide an exceptional return on investment by your company.    

Software is critical to the success of any robotic system. We have seen the market shift over the past few years, and with this shift, we have been working on enhancing Cellario’s capabilities from being a workcell execution system to a whole lab execution system. At SLAS2022, we will showcase the new and future capabilities of Cellario. Click here to request a demonstration of our software.    

The combination of Nucleus® and the new Cellario will provide life science researchers with much-improved accessibility, interconnectivity, and flexibility. We hope you are as excited as we are for the new hardware and software solutions from HighRes. We look forward to meeting with you at SLAS2022!  

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